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Martin Lewandowski

Martin Lewandowski

CEO & Co-Owner

Martin Lewandowski, a Polish entrepreneur born in Wroclaw. Graduated from Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and Sydney Windsor Institute of Commerce.

For the last 20 years, he’s been the owner and co-founder of KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki), an organization promoting MMA fights. Throughout this time, KSW has become the largest MMA organization in Europe and nowadays it operates on a global scale. KSW has held 90 events so far, the biggest of which (KSW 39: “Colosseum”) attracted 57 766 spectators to the PGE Stadion Narodowy stadium making it the second largest event in the history of MMA. The last “Colosseum” event (KSW 83) took place in 2023 and its ticket sales reached around 50 thousand. Until this day, KSW has already held its events in Great Britain, Ireland, Croatia, the Czech Republic and recently in Arpil of 2024 - in France.

Since 2007, he’s also been working as the co-founder of “My Land” marketing agency.
Since 2019, he’s been the originator and one of the founders of Polish Amateur MMA Association - “MMA Polska”.

In his private life, he’s an enthusiast of combat sports, astronomy, music and travelling.